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Ode to an Argentinian dog

Ode to an Argentina dog Hot dog panting in the noon sun, hide rising and falling in metronomic pace, you will never know of the American experiment.

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Bandung Indonesia

On the second day of my new job, Yanick, a Wi-Fi teammate, came into my office and said we were going to Bandung, Indonesia next week. Wow! Even though I expected a lot of travel, I just didn’t think that … Continue reading

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My new job

After nearly 10 months as Release Technical Leader (Sustaining) for CDMA OA&M, I have moved to a new role in our new Wi-Fi organization. Early this year, as the future of CDMA R&D was in great doubt (as CDMA spending … Continue reading

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Last Chance At The Glen

This past weekend Bruce, Jay and I raced the ‘Last Chance at The Glen’, a 4-hour endurance race at historic Watkins Glen International. The race used the 3.4 mile “long” track configuration. It was the first time at The Glen for both … Continue reading

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NAC open house

Rosa, Mama, and I went to the National Arts Centre open house this afternoon. I have often wanted to see the backstage area, so I was excited to go. It did not disappoint. All of the dressing rooms, both huge … Continue reading

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2012 Capital Pride Parade

Rosa, Mama and I went to watch the 2012 Capital Pride Parade this afternoon. It’s good to see the support the community has in Ottawa.

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Neil Armstrong 1930 – 2012

I am sad to hear of the passing of astronaut Neil Armstrong. There are many photos of Armstrong, but my favourite is this one take after the successful landing. Armstrong was a humble and private man, but the emotion displayed … Continue reading

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2012 Lumière Festival

This evening Rosa, Mama and I went to the Ottawa Lumière Festival in New Edinburgh. Once the sun had set, the site was magical. People were dancing with light sticks, making lanterns, drinking coffee and basically just relaxing in the warm summer … Continue reading

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2012 Oshkosh Air Venture show

Over time, my father and I have been more and more distant from each other. Of course, the physical distance plays a role in our emotional distance. Over the last year, I have desired to reconnect with him (and my … Continue reading

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Dead Camera

While we were on our recent Danube cruise vacation, my beloved Canon 7D died. It was late in the afternoon in Regensburg. As I have only one DSLR body, I frequently change lenses. I switch between my walk-around EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 to … Continue reading

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