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RA Photoclub Open House

I went to the RA Photo Club Open House this evening. Lots of people around, and I stopped by the studio. I really must book the studio for practice sessions this year. I think this year will be a good … Continue reading

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Magical Mystery Tour

In the last few days, I watched videos of two Beatles movies Let It Be and Magical Mystery Tour on YouTube. I have a copy of the former on VHS somewhere, but I have never seen the later. I think … Continue reading

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I have an iPhone!

I have an iPhone 4! After a team lunch today, I drove to Kanata Centrum on a physical hunt for an iPhone. Even though I wasn’t expecting to find anything, I thought that if I found a store that had … Continue reading

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The Moons of Jupiter

Tonight, Jupiter is at opposition (closest) to the Earth. Hanging in the sky well above Jupiter is the full moon. Just above and to the left is the far distant planet of Uranus. The autumnal equinox will occur in a few … Continue reading

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Still Looking for an iPhone 4

I’m still looking for a Rogers iPhone. I’ve been calling all around the city. Two stores said they just got some in but both already a lineup of people waiting. I call everyday. Today, I figured I needed to get … Continue reading

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A Walk in the Woods

I wanted to go for a walk while the weather was still so nice. I saw on Google Maps that there was a nearby wooded area called Heart’s Desire Park. I wanted to see what it was like and maybe … Continue reading

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Eskimo Roll – Fail

Today, I went kayaking again. After the roll I had last weekend, I thought I should learn how to do an Eskimo roll so that I don’t have to get out of the kayak if I were to roll over. … Continue reading

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Summer is Ending

I went for a long walk this evening. I need the exercise. As I was walking along, overhead I saw the first gaggle of geese flying in a V-formation, preparing to fly south. It’s been been 5 months and 2 … Continue reading

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Gone Kayaking

I went kayaking today for the first time in about 11 months. The warm 20+ degree weather will not last much longer this year. I was out for over 3 hours, including the stop detailed below. I decided to go … Continue reading

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Looking for iPhone 4

I’ve been wanting to buy an iPhone for months now. I waited until the iPhone 4 was announced, rather than pick up the previous model. Once it was announced in Canada at the end of July, I started to look … Continue reading

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