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In the Shadow of the Moon

I watched the documentary “In the Shadow of the Moon” last night. I have been fascinated by the Apollo program for a few years now. What an amazing achievement. Incredible to put those 12 men on the moon, so long … Continue reading

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Plate Tectonics

If the Earth has been slowly cooling over its history, presumably this means that the crust must be getting thicker too, right? How would that effect plate tectonics? Would the continental plates be thinner in the past than they are … Continue reading

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Things to See 1

Someday I will visit Japan and see: Tōdai-ji Nagoya Castle

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My wife Rosa is 26 years old in base-14.

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I want to see a better government in the US, and have been so hopeful that Obama will bring that change to Washington. But so far, there has been some disappointment. Treasury Secretary nominee Timothy Geithner did not pay $34,000 … Continue reading

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Setting Targets, Meeting Goals

Here are my goals for 2009. Become bi-lingual. I am already taking french classes for 6 hours a week. Je parle bien, mais j’oublie les mots. Win a race. In 5 years of road racing, I have had three 2nd … Continue reading

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Living with Layoffs

When I started work in Ottawa in 1997, it was during the ramp up of the tech bubble. Something exciting was happening everywhere. I shared an apartment with the founder of Linux Chix. Corel was competing against Microsoft with Linux, … Continue reading

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